IV Wellness

What is IV Wellness?

IV Wellness uses the naturopathic treatment of intravenous therapy of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids infused directly in the blood stream providing 100% absorption. The benefit of this treatment is delivered directly to the tissues of the body providing therapeutic doses of nutrients and is immediately available for your body to use.

For more information, please read through our FAQ-IV Therapy+Wellness.

At our clinic, IV Therapy + Wellness treatments are offered by Dr. Ryan Best, Dr. Liane EricksonDr. Beverly Huang, Dr. Kyley Hunt, and Dr. Farheen Madatali.

IV Wellness at Grassroots

At Grassroots Naturopathic Medicine, our team of experienced and expert naturopathic doctors have formulated IV treatments to help optimize your overall wellness. Book in with one of our IV-certified doctors to determine which of our wellness treatments are safe and appropriate for you!

Welcome to our IV menu of wellness treatments! 

ENERGIZE your system

The Spark IV
60 minutes

The Defend IV
45 or 60 minutes

The Endurance IV
45 or 60 minutes

Get a little spark to give you that
energy boost that you have been looking for
Kicks your immune system into high gear Keeps athletes and weekend warriors going strong and ready for that next big adventure
REVITALIZE your brain

The Focus IV
45 or 60 minutes

The Chill IV
60 minutes

The Uplift IV
60 minutes

Supports healthy brain function
and clears the fog

Helps keep you calm and is great for
stress and anxiety
An IV to boost your mood and keep you feeling happy and uplifted

The XX and XY IVs
45 minutes

The Detox IV
45 minutes

The Relieve IV
45 minutes

Keeping hormones in harmony for our
boss-ladies and gentle-men

Giving you some extra IV love, liver support
and hydration to prepare or recover from
too much city living
Stop a migraine in its tracks and help relieve muscle aches and pains 
REJUVENATE from the inside out

The Glow IV
60 minutes

The Trim IV
60 minutes


Gives you radiance and glowing for healthy aging at every decade Complements your healthy diet and exercise regime to get you the results you want