Janelle Batonyi

Janelle is a graduate from the 3000-hour massage therapist program at MaKami College. She also holds a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (2011) and a BSc. In Physical Geography from the University of Calgary (2002).

Janelle gravitated to athletics at the age of 13 out of personal interest and has remained a lifetime "hobby" expanding into the personal study/implementation of fitness, nutrition and overall health/wellness since. This natural passion inspired her to pursue a career in massage after leaving the corporate world in 2014.

Janelle embraces a healthy, holistic, lifestyle and is reflected in her multi-faceted approach to Massage Therapy. Her love of physical activity is best reflected in her long time pursuit of weight lifting/strength training. Janelle also enjoys other activities such as swimming, skiing, hiking and engaging in various projects around the house/yard. By being a former post secondary student and employee in an office environment plus desire to remain active, Janelle is able to personally understand and relate to clients about the importance of keeping ones body functioning optimally in order to pursue whatever activities one loves regardless of athletic level!

Janelle Batonyi RMT

Janelle Batonyi

RMT-Massage Therapist & Myofascial Cupping

Janelle specializes in deep tissue, sports and therapeutic Swedish relaxation, pre/post natal, dynamic cupping and soft tissue release. She has has a keen interest in injury rehabilitation, pre/post support for athletic events, joint mobilization, Myofascial release and reciprocal/autogenic inhibition.