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Accelerated Resolution Therapy

ART is an evidence-based approach to psychotherapy. With ART, the therapist guides the client to replace negative images in the mind (which cause symptoms of PTSD) with positive images.

ART utilizes eye movements to changes in the client’s mind with well-established therapies like Gestalt, Psychodynamic Therapy and Guided Imagery.

One of the special aspects of ART is that when clients replace their negative images with positive ones they don’t need to talk to the therapist about any details of the trauma.That’s right – you do not need to discuss any details of your experience during this process!

ART works directly to reprogram the way in which distressing memories and images are stored in the brain so that they no longer trigger strong physical and emotional reactions. ART accomplishes this through the use of rapid eye movements similar to eye movements that occur during dreaming.

 More information is available on the ART website:

Frequently Asked Questions About ART

ART may be the modality you wish to work in. It is used to treat trauma, anxiety, depression and grief – among others.

ART requires the client to be open to expressing feelings and allowing your body to recall distressing events. The use of eye movements is required – so you must be willing to experience this!

You can trial the eye movements with your therapist to see how you respond them. If you don’t like it – we don’t use this modality! 

The client is always in control of what is happening. Clients can choose whether or not to share their most distressing memories.

No, ART is completed only after a full intake and understanding of the process has been completed which is generally 1-2 sessions minimum.

ART must be completed in-person. Accordingly, if you are booking for an ART session, it will be in clinic.

ART requires additional time to ensure that the modality can be honoured through each step. 50 minutes is not adequate to complete most ART sessions and accordingly extra time is scheduled.

This is difficult to answer as it is impossible to predict how fast one will re-process the events. In some situations it takes only one ART session, but other times it does take 2-3 sessions. Regardless, it is ACCELERATED!

Many clients also find that they wish to process additional experiences after the initial one. This is always welcomed as well.

ART can be utilized with other therapies and medical treatments. No medication is given; however, if clients are already taking medications, ART can still be used.

The techniques used are focused on specificity and use the lowest amount of force possible, with particular attention to the upper cervical spine. Dr. Elaine’s adjustments are performed using a handheld instrument which improves precision and comfort without any ‘cracking’ or ‘popping’.

ART does not involve hypnotherapy.

ART was developed as a rapid treatment approach and accordingly, ART can sometimes work more quickly than EMDR.

EMDR focuses on content whereas ART’s goal is to minimize distressing body sensations and anxiety symptoms, replacing disturbing images with pleasant ones.

ART clinicians operate under specific directives, while EMDR practitioners have more general guidelines.