Grassroots Naturopathic Medicine Health Clinic

The Grassroots Story

The roots of Grassroots - A friendship that sprouted a clinic

Grassroots Naturopathic Medicine was founded in 2005, and has become one of the most prominent naturopathic wellness practices in the Calgary region.

To understand where Grassroots is now, and where it is headed,let’s rewind back to the start.

In the founding story of Grassroots, we start at the very beginning: with two future friends who didn’t even know they’d be friends yet. 

Beverly and Mary, our incredible founders, were merely two students in the same class at first, not particularly close, but inevitably tied together through the alphabetical arrangement of their last names.

A methodical (and rather lazy!) alphabetical class attendance list placed “Huang” and “Knudsen” in close proximity, landing them in the same workgroups time and time again. Through these countless hours of collaboration, a bond began to form between them.

However, it wasn’t until their fourth year of naturopathic medical school, when the faculty paired them up for clinical rotations, that the seeds of their friendship started to sprout fully. As they successfully figured out how to navigate clinical practice, they discovered the importance of synergies. It had become clear that the duo worked well together. You could begin to glimpse what was to come.

The birth of Grassroots

The conception of Grassroots started during that clinical year in the summer of 2003. They met every week to share their vision and dreams of what their clinic would be. After months of meetings and countless sushi lunches, the vision was created and ready to alchemize.

In 2004, with graduation and board exams behind them, Beverly and Mary set their sights on Calgary.  

Beverly and Mary first stepped into what would eventually become Grassroots Naturopathic Medicine Health Clinic on a snowy Tuesday in October 2004. The space was nothing significant – just four empty walls. But they saw more.. a great potential ready to transform into impactful possibilities. 

Together, they built the clinic from the bottom up (aka a grassroots approach!), from scratch on a tight budget, a testament of their determination and resourcefulness, including an $8 door that still holds its own to this day!

From snagging chairs and clipboards bought at auctions to weeks of intensive painting sessions, Beverly and Mary poured their hearts into transforming the physical space into a heartening refuge for health and healing. And with the invaluable support of family and friends, they achieved what felt like the impossible back then.

A patient-centred philosophy

On a beautiful day on March 7, 2005, Grassroots officially opened its doors to its first-ever patient. Those early beginnings came with their share of adventures, and perhaps some misadventures too. But every challenge encountered was another step forward in their journey.

Central to their operations was a firm belief in a patient-centred philosophy. They remembered ordering a ream of patient file folders, a decision questioned by many who suggested starting out with a small pack from the store. But the duo firmly believed that they had to prepare for the patients who would come, igniting their ‘Field of Dreams’ approach, “If you build it, they will come.”

Beverly and Mary have always envisioned Grassroots as a sanctuary centered around patients. They poured love into each detail, creating an environment that validated the trust their patients put in them.

The growth phase

Nearly two decades later, Grassroots continues to evolve while holding fast to its driving philosophy. With the growth of the clinic, the team remains anchored to the roots and core commitment to patients. Grassroots continues to invest in providing a comfortable, uplifting and health-focused space, so that each patient who walks in through the modest $8 door knows they’re stepping into a place of healing, empathy, and comprehensive care.

Grassroots is more than just a physical space; it’s a heartfelt, patient-focused community that channels all energies towards helping patients unleash their best health journey. These doors, now many more than just that initial $8 door, always remain open as a testament to the care, dedication, and passion that Mary and Beverly have cultivated over the years.

With gratitude

So, here’s to Beverly, Mary, and all of the phenomenal humans who made Grassroots possible. You’re not just part of our story – you ARE our story. And every day that we open our doors is a day we look forward to serving you, our extended Grassroots family.

Truly, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for placing your trust in us. Here’s to a healthier future, together.