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Monica Cooke CAT (C)


Athletic Therapist offering Craniosacral Therapy


Digestive Disorders
Pain + Post-Concussion Management

Hi, I’m Monica!

While my career began in the athletic world, since completing the national Athletic Therapy certification in 1998, I have expanded my therapy techniques to help create an optimum environment for the body to relax, heal, and self-correct.

This includes muscle energy, soft tissue and myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, lymphatic drainage, total body balancing, PDTR and energetic balancing.

I use a total body approach taking into consideration the interconnectedness of the body with its nervous system. This approach works well with babies, and all the way into adulthood.

Essentially, I am here to help support your body’s innate ability to heal itself…sometimes it just needs a safe space and a gentle nudge.

I love being active and outdoors with my doodle, Everest and used to own my own pre & post natal fitness business!

I am a massive Blue Jays fan(atic) and my proudest accomplishment (after having three amazing children) is finishing ahead of Hugh Jackman in the New York City Half Marathon in 2011.

Yep – I beat Wolverine.


Certified Athletic Therapist – CAT(C)

Founder of FitMom (pre and post natal fitness)

Completed numerous marathons

Kept 3 children alive for 17, 13, 10 years!! (and counting!)

Attended countless Blue Jays games (and still counting!)