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IV Therapy Calgary:
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Tired of feeling tired?

Needing a boost of nutrients?

Looking for ways to boost your healthspan and longevity?

Welcome to Grassroots, your guide on the path to vitality supported by IV Therapy.

Embrace your wellness journey, and discover if IV therapy is right for you.

Wanting to Feel Your Best?

Are day-to-day stresses tapping your energy? 

Imagine waking up more revitalized, free from stress-related fatigue, with a resilient immune system and increased vitality. 

Whether you are looking for support with a chronic illness, or a boost before your next race, IV therapy Calgary services are here to revitalize you.  Grassroots is pleased to offer a number of different IV therapy approaches customized for your needs.

A Touch of Grassroots Difference

Our IV-certified naturopathic doctors ensure that you will receive safe, customized IV therapy treatments. After a comprehensive assessment, they will determine if IV therapy is appropriate for you.

Our doctors are committed to personalized care by tailoring IV therapy treatment plans to meet your individual needs and goals. So much so, that your doctor will administer your IV therapy personally. We do not delegate to a nurse or an IV technician at Grassroots, which provides full alignment between the assessment and the treatment.

It’s essential to consult with a naturopathic doctor to determine if IV therapy is suitable for your specific needs. Once that step has been taken, individuals experiencing nutrient deficiencies, fatigue, illness, jet lag, or those seeking immune support or athletic recovery may benefit from IV therapy options.

The Full Spectrum of IV Therapy Services

At Grassroots, our IV Therapy services are full of possibilities. From Vitamin C to Glutathione to the Myer’s Cocktail, we have a range of options available.
IV Therapy uses the naturopathic treatment of intravenous therapy of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids infused directly in the blood stream providing 100% absorption.

This means that your treatment is delivered directly to the tissues of the body providing therapeutic doses of nutrients and is immediately available for your body to use.
Diagnosis-specific IV therapy, such as IV ozone and IV chelation, can be an essential part of a customized treatment plan.


IV Therapy Calgary: You Asked, and We Answered

Addressing common questions and concerns about IV therapy is crucial to ensuring that individuals make informed decisions about its use. Here are two of the common queries surrounding IV therapy:

When administered by trained medical professionals in a clinical setting, IV therapy is generally safe. However, risks such as infection, vein irritation, or allergic reactions can occur, so it’s essential to undergo treatment under proper supervision.

IV therapy can provide quick hydration and deliver nutrients directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system for faster absorption. It is often used for rehydration, immune support, energy enhancement, and recovery from illness or strenuous activity.

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Reaping the Benefits of Grassroots Care

What does it mean to choose Grassroots for your IV therapy Calgary journey? Our patients have experienced benefits including:

Increased Nutrient Absorption:

By bypassing the digestive system, IV therapy allows for enhanced absorption of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, providing quick and effective replenishment for deficiencies.

Boosted Energy Levels:

IV therapy can help boost energy levels by delivering essential nutrients directly to cells, supporting metabolic processes, and combating fatigue.

Immune Support:

Certain IV therapy formulations contain immune-supporting nutrients such as vitamin C and zinc.

Enhanced Recovery:

IV therapy is commonly used for post-workout recovery, helping to replenish electrolytes, reduce muscle soreness, and accelerate tissue repair and recovery.

Improved Wellness:

Routine IV therapy sessions can contribute to overall wellness by promoting hydration, supporting nutrient balance, and optimizing bodily functions.